The Single Quickest Way to Get Better with Women

This seems to befuddle men of all ages and ethnicities.

Everyone’s looking for a shortcut or a magic pill.

Understandably so. If you’ve done any amount of research into the dating niche you’ll find hundreds of bullshit products claiming to have you dating women left right and center before the week is out.

Granted, some products are actually good and worth the investment.

Most on the other hand, are complete crap. I’ll make some recommendations in a later post about what to purchase if you’re new to the game, or you need to revise your thinking about dating and seduction.

In the meantime, I want to share with you the single best way to excel with women.

What is it you ask?

Go on LOTS of dates!

Date women who you wouldn’t normally date. Grab coffee with them, invite them out, whatever.

Start building a network of friends and acquaintances.

Many guys seem to wait for the perfect women. They’ll find someone they’re interested in, then they’ll wait. Often waiting far too long. And by the time they muster up the courage to so some sort of interest – it’s “weird”.

The solution: get out there and practice. When you go on many dates with many different women, you start to pick up on things. You start picking up on small hints and cues. You’re able to tell if she’s interested, or completely uninterested.

You will start generating the skills to keep conversations moving smoothly. You will learn how to transition, how to hone in on topics the girl you’re with is interested in. When you become a good conversationalist, you become interesting.

Here’s the funny part.

People will often remark I’m an amazing conversationalist, however, I rarely talk extensively about myself. I’ll often ask the right questions to invoke her to speak. This allows her to share her opinions and beliefs.

And as you may or may not know, people LOVE talking about themselves. There’s no sweeter sound to people’s ears than that of their own voice.

There’s are all huge benefits. Benefits you can only derive by being in front of another human being. Not texting, not over the phone, but truly interacting with someone else.

The take away: get out on more dates.

You can thank me later.



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