Know Thyself and Know Thy Game

Gentlemen, my name is Steven Smith.
Not everything I am going to share with you will apply to you. That’s okay.

I will try and make the upcoming tips and advice as universal as possible so you can apply them successfully to your own life whether you’ve been dating women for 10 years or haven’t had a first date.

This post will cover an important concept that everyone needs to understand: themselves.

The 3 Categories of Game

Category 1: Nice Guy – No Game

This is the lowest level of game you can have, virtually equivalent to having no game at all.

If you find yourself constantly stuck in the friend zone – this is where you’re currently at. Women love nice guys, but they rarely become intimate with them.
They will lead you on, send you the occasional interest signal or flirt with you – but you won’t be able to close the deal.

If you’re stuck in this category, acknowledge it and follow along, we’re going to talk about the next progression of game, and eventually where you want to end up so you’re successful with women.

Category 2: The Asshole (I’ve read too much dating material)

Upon discovering there are things you can do, words you can say, and behaviors you can deploy to help build attraction – men tend to go off the deep end.

This level of game will no doubt get you some success. I’ve been there. From my experience this hardcore push-pull constant battle will yield a certain type of woman. One that is prone to drama, loves to date multiple guys at a time, and is constantly seeking attention in order to validate themselves.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this. Being in this category may fit your lifestyle perfectly. If you’re the type of guy who wants to fuck multiple girls, doesn’t give a shit about drama, and doesn’t care about a relationship – utilize the asshole tactics – they work.

Category 3: High-Value Man

This is the third category of game and will ultimately be the most valuable category to be in long term.

This is where you can build attraction by: how you dress, how you act, how you look, how you treat others, and most importantly how you adhere to your own personal values.

Truly being of value means that you know your time is valuable – you could be doing anything else right now, but you’re choosing to spend time with this person.

You have very specific requirements on what you want in terms of people you spend time with. You also don’t bend your own personal rules.

To give you an example: I don’t not tolerate catty bitching and drama. I don’t allow it. If someone wants to spend time with me and starts going off about useless shit that doesn’t matter, I’ll politely tell them to go de-load on their therapist or friend, or someone who cares.

I only accept certain behavior from people, if they can’t hold it together, it’s done.


Ultimately you will progress through the phases. You will start as a rookie nice guy. You’ll find out about “game” and use all kinds of nifty tactics and techniques – this is fine. Eventually you’ll end up where you have sound presence when being around others. People will recognize the value you bring to the table – this creates high levels of attraction. You can still use certain principles of asshole game, but it’s used sparingly when necessary.


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